• Skikurs MINIs 4-5 Jahre
  • MINIs 4 - 5 years ski course
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Ski course in Grossarl

MINI'S 4—5 years

Ski class for beginners from 5 years
Ski class for advanced from 6 years

The ski class for MINI’S to 5 years in our kids-area can be booked for a half-day. 

The intensive care offered by the PANOARAMA Ski School is unique. At course begin: 10 children/3 instructors!

The progress is sensational. Those who can brake, will switch to the next skill level with a maximum of 6 children/instructor. The PANORAMA EXERCISE AREA enjoys an ideal position directly at the Fischbacher practice lift.

If you book a group course of a least 3 days
and rent the skis or snowboard at the
Rental Shop Panorama.
Children up 10 years  rent for FREE;
Children 11-14 years get 50 % Discount;
If 1 parent per child rents the skis or
snowboard at the Rental Shop Panorama.
RENT FOR 7 Days = PAY FOR 5 days 
Incl. FREE Depot for rented skis or snowboard.

MINI'S 4 – 5 years

Course Duration/Course Times
Sunday–Friday | 09:30–11:30 am

Entry Sunday & Monday
Please book a TEST DAY see details...

Meeting point & pick up station
Practice lift 'Fischbacher' 

Course participants
at course begin (at ski area):
10 children/3 Instructors
at practice lift: 4–6 children/Instructor

Skipass see details

DAYS 2 hours
1 day € 80,00
2 days € 150,00
3 days € 202,00
4 days € 217,00
5 days € 232,00
6 days € 242,00

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